What We Do

Luke's Garage offers custom upgrades and modifications; paint work and powder coating; detailing; and custom projects based on individual needs.

Current Projects

I'm currently in the middle of two builds:  First, a 1949 Chevy 3100 street rod and, second, a 1987 Buick Grand National body off Autocross Modification. Watch the progress.

About Me

As a mechanic in 1979, I loved working on everything from heavy equipment to daily drivers to hot rods to British Leyland. In 1985, I decided to move into a Law Enforcement career which spanned 25+ years, all the while remaining passionate and active in working on trucks and cars. Now, with the opportunity to retire, I am going at my passion on a daily basis. I’d like to help you achieve your dreams of the ownership and enjoyment of hot rods, muscle cars, or classic cars. I can manage or guide you through each phase of the process from initial purchase to budgeting and completing new work on the project.